Elect Judge John Griffin for Appellate Court

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Judge John Griffin

John Griffin was appointed to the position of Judge of the Appellate Court for the First District of Illinois in May, 2018. John previously was elected to the office of Cook County Circuit Court Judge in 2010 and was elevated to his current Appellate Court Judgeship by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill a vacancy. Judge Griffin’s appointed term of office will expire on December 7, 2020, which is why he needs to run for the Democratic Party nomination in the March 17, 2020 primary election.

After a thorough evaluation of his 40 year record of service as both a Judge and as an attorney in private practice, the Chicago Bar Association issued its highest “Highly Qualified” rating to John earlier this year. In addition to being endorsed and supported by some of the best legal minds in Illinois, John earned the confidence of rank and file Democratic voters resulting in his endorsement by the Cook County Democratic Party slating committee. John has also been personally endorsed by the leaders of over a dozen of Illinois most influential and politically active labor unions.

A south side native and St. Rita High School alumni, John earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with honors from the University of Notre Dame. He received his J.D. (cum laude) from DePaul University and was admitted to the bar in 1976. Prior to his appointment as a Judge in 2008, Griffin spent 31 years in private practice specializing in property related negotiation and litigation.